Rooster Painting On Canvas

canvas rooster painting

About The Rooster Art

This original rooster painting on canvas is painted with a variety of mixed media techniques, a plenty of patience. Loaded with abstract qualities but plenty of representational features as well. It's created with lively brushwork and a sense of fearlessness by artist Robert Joyner.

Artist Notes

I created this piece after I had painted several smaller rooster paintings on paper. My energy and confidence were both high so the timing was perfect to immortalize this rooster on canvas. This isn't a surface that I'm always comfortable on but will occasionally give it a go when the stars line up correctly. The medium consisted of heavy body acrylics and a little ink that was added on the final layer to give some of the areas a needed 'pop' of color. It was actually headed to the reject pile because I felt the painting was muddy. But this 'pop' of color I added with the inks really changed my mind at the last minute. I added some lighter gray tones to the background and just like that a winner is born.

It’s easy to give up on a painting. The hardest thing for me to do is look and evaluate an inferior artwork. But some genuine time spent reflecting on the piece with an open mind and positive attitude can make the difference. I find when I do this I can figure out that one missing detail that shifts the painting’s course. Once it’s added the art takes on a whole new perspective and it’s like all the lights in the studio start to shine a little brighter.
— Robert Joyner
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