Simple Monotone President Portraits

Simple Monotone President Portraits

Here are some simple monotone President portraits created with charcoal & acrylics. And here's the skinny. You haven't seen me paint portraits lately. That's because I wanted to focus more on watercolors as well as composing cityscapes, street scenes & landscapes with figures. I tend to keep my process simple and that includes subject matter. Once I decide to invest my studio time into a subject, or medium, technique etc. then that's where I put my energy. I don't like to bounce around too much because that makes learning more difficult. 

Common Mistakes With Students

These portraits were kept simple because I wanted to get back in the flow. Introducing color, crayon and the like would only complicate things. One of the biggest problems I see with students is they don't focus on one thing long enough to make a difference. Actually they tend to try it once and walk away when the results aren't what they had envisioned. I chuckle at this because no one is that great, or quick, at making changes. And if they knew how much time artists invest in learning then they were feel ashamed at their lack of effort.


So, if you want to change, or tweak your style then focus! It's that simple. And do it for a few weeks, or at least dedicate a chunk of your time towards making it happen and then you will start to see the results.

Thanks for having a look.

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