Southport Workshop Recap

 Southport Workshop Attendees

Southport Workshop Attendees

Southport Workshop Recap

It was a packed/sold out class in Southport which was hosted by Franklin Square Gallery. Here's a recap of the three day event which will help as a reminder to the attendees and shed some light to others that may be interested in future workshops.

FYI - my focus is teaching artists how to paint expressively with acrylics & mixed media. As always I stay true to maintaining good fundamentals with a twist of loose painting techniques that simplify the process. The common misconception for many artists is they can sling painting recklessly to achieve expressive art but this is far from true in my humble opinion.

Day One - Introduction to Construct & Deconstruct

This technique is designed to teach artists that painting loose requires the ability and skills to present their subjects with good perspective, scale, value and composition accuracy. We started constructing one, or two basic objects with basic drawing skills and eventually explored value & color. The idea was to understand first what makes the object work in terms of shapes, perspective & tone and before one starts to deconstruct, or paint it expressively.

Day Two - Finished Construct & Deconstruct, Creative Drawing Techniques

Day two included finishing up with construct & deconstruct as I spent a lot of time with each artists so I could learn more about their individual struggles and share some tips on how to get it to the next level.

Creative Drawing techniques included a variety of methods for adding linear interest to art using crayon, charcoal & acrylics. I covered some common issues where artists tend to get caught up & shares some knowledge on how to make the lines more interesting & organic.

Day Three  - Mastering Your Artistry & One-On-One Critiques

It was interesting to share what I feel is the best advice on how to get the most out of your art with Mastering Your Artistry. These include many ideas and tips from having a 'home base' to 'understanding sessions'.

The day concluded with making more one-on-one connections with each artist. While we were all working on similar techniques it's common that each artists has specific questions. So spending this time with each participant is important to me and what I really enjoy about live events.


I hope everyone took something positive away from the workshop. As I told them I always learn a lot each time I teach and this time was no different.

A special thank you to Franklin Square Gallery for allowing me the opportunity to share my passion for painting and teaching the three day event. It's a fantastic facility and a wonderful place to visit.

I also want to thank Nancy & Mike S. for their hospitality. You guys really went out of your way to treat us to a great time. On behalf of myself & family we really appreciate everything you did to make the stay very enjoyable.

Here is a gallery of various demos & teaching techniques

More Pics Of The Class

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