Starbucks Artwork

Starbucks Artwork

Starbucks Coffee Cup Artwork

This is one of my personal favorites from 2015 as far as the Starbucks coffee series goes. I started painting Starbucks inspired work simply because I love coffee & it fits into what I enjoy for still life subjects. You see keeping compositions simple allows the brushwork and style to become the star as opposed to the objects. 

Everyone has to find their way as an artist to see how their style fits best. For me I realized several years ago that the subjects only gave me a reason to paint. So, I'm not attached in any way nor am I trying to make a statement, or send a message with my art. My work is simply a release of energy and passion for painting. A way to express myself and emotions while trying to showcase my skills for the mediums I use like acrylics, inks, crayon and charcoal.

Hope you enjoyed the new artwork and thanks for having a look.

Still LifeRobert Joyner