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Starbucks Still Life Painting

Starbucks Still Life Painting

Starbucks Still Life Painting

Starbucks still life painting depicting a cup of warm coffee. Painted with energy and excitement, or should I say caffeinated strokes of paint and graphite :) Starbucks inspired artwork has intrigued me for quite some time. Not really sure why since I don't often go there and prefer to brew my own. But the thought of painting the cup with it's green and white logo seemed so cool and hip, so I had to give it a go.

As I mentioned earlier the medium is heavy body acrylics and graphite on paper, measures 17.50" x 15". Prior to painting it I spent time doodling with the shape of the cup and logo details. Basically getting familiar with shapes and discovering what I enjoy painting. I always enjoy this preliminary exploration time, it's like a free pass to create without putting pressure on myself to make a masterpiece. It's also a time to connect with my subjects, to make it personal and reflective in an artistic way. I teach this quite a bit in my 'embracing imperfection' workshops and spend a lot of time doing it in the studio.

Anyhow, I really enjoyed the time spent painting the Starbucks coffee cup and you can bet on seeing more of these down the road. Thanks for having a look. Cheers!

Still LifeRobert Joyner