Statue Of Liberty Painting

Statue Of Liberty Painting

Statue Of Liberty Painting

I'm sharing a recent commission painting I did of the Statue of Liberty for some collectors in New Orleans. It's an oversized piece that measures 60" x 48" and painted with acrylics on canvas. 

The client wanted a minimalistic painting which is why theres a clean white background. Because shipping a large item like this is crazy expensive we also agreed to paint & ship this un-stretched.

It's always a pleasure to create custom artwork for clients. I've done several abstract Presidential portraits for them as well so the repeat business tells me all is well in the Joyner Studio. 

Hope you enjoyed the new painting & thanks for having a look.

We just received the painting and I am speechless! It is amazing, beautiful, hip, original, everything I was hoping for!! I want you to know how much I appreciate you painting this for us. Also, we have lots of Art in our home and the most admired pieces are the Presidents you painted. I am so happy to add this piece to the collection.
— S. Mitchell, New Orleans

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