Theodore Roosevelt Portrait

Theodore Roosevelt Portrait

Theodore Roosevelt Portrait Details

I don't often go large on portraits by I couldn't resist this time. This abstract expressive Theodore Roosevelt portrait is created with heavy body acrylic paint and inks on Strathmore art board and measure 30" x 22". The palette is what really speaks to me on this one. The drawing is good and captures a likeness of Roosevelt, but it's the eye-popping palette that gets me excited.

Artist Notes

I literally did not care what color I was applying when I started, but simply started applying layers of paint with no regard to what I was painting. Just slinging paint is all I was doing. Once the first layer was dry I introduced local color and started shaping the subject.

It was probably the more risky portrait I've done and it all started with the beginning. I find if I start a painting in a carefree way then I have a chance to end up with a painting I actually care about. It's not easy to do when I know what I want to paint because the subject will trump my abstract intentions most of the time. This is why I tend to create abstract beginnings all the time as a way to get my day going or to break out of a 'tight' slump.

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