Tips For Drawing Into Paintings


Tips For Drawing Into Paintings - Expressive Painting Techniques

A useful lesson that will give you some tips on combining painting and drawing. It’s important to maximize your mediums and efforts.

The demo will illustrate how painting the entire car leaves no room for drawing. By painting the edges and body of the car it eliminates the possibility of adding drawing to the car. This is typical of what happens when artists incorporate drawing and painting. They overpaint the subject/object and leave no room for line work.

In the second variation I only paint parts of the car. This allows room for the drawing to have a role in creating the object. The drawing now has a purpose – a role to play. This has a more meaningful look as the paint and drawing play their parts to create the car.

I continue the demonstration by giving you other examples of how you can create art by combining drawing and painting. I also include how you can draw with a thin outliner brush to create line. This works just fine and adds the linear interest like charcoal and crayon.

Tips For Drawing Into Paintings

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