Unique Colorful Cow Painting

Unique Colorful Cow Painting

Unique Colorful Cow Painting Details

This unique colorful cow painting features a mixed media combination of heavy body acrylics, inks and artist grade crayon on 140 lb. Cold press paper, and measures 22" x 30".

As with many of my artworks it's created in layers. Each layer is added and allowed to rest, usually taped to the wall, until I decide what to do next. This process gives me time to digest each layer and to make confident decisions on what to do next. Once I make that decision it's up on the easel it goes, I make the changes, or additions, and I leave it alone. This method makes for a clean and crisp work of art without a bunch of unnecessary strokes that tend to clutter or muddy the painting.

Thanks for having a look and I'll see you next time.

CowsRobert Joyner