Urban Sketching Demonstration With Graphite


Urban Sketching Demonstration With Graphite Video Demonstration

Discover an urban sketching demonstration with graphite and britoil board. This video will teach you to work quickly in order to capture the essence of the subject. The experience of getting outdoors and finding subject matter helps inspire many studio sessions. Plus there's a personal connection to the art which you don't get when painting in the studio. I hope that this video inspires you to paint your city and town. And most importantly that it creates new subject matter that reflects your personal experiences.

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Be sure to browse creative drawing tutorials that will teach you a variety of techniques for drawing, and adding linear interest to your paintings. These are delivered to you with supporting text & images. Hope they help you out. There are also quite a few essential skills lessons that include drawing techniques if you care to browse.

Demonstration & Finished Sketch Image

Urban sketching demonstration with graphite

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