Urban Sketching Richmond, VA

I've been cooped up too long in the studio and quite frankly I'm bored with my current subjects. So, I decided to spend several weeks sketching Richmond using Copic markers. I plan to focus on capturing light & shadow but still staying true to my loose style. 

To make this happen I gathered some materials. Here's a list of art materials I'm currently using;

  • Strathmore sketch pad (on sale at Michaels for $9)
  • Ipod for capturing images (use later on in studio as reference)
  • Copic Markers - N2, N4, N6, N8 & 0.5 Liner (buy online at Michaels, Blick or Cheap Joes)

That's it. I find areas that look interesting, park & walk until I see something worth sketching. Once I discover these areas I do a few sketches to see if there's a connection artistically. If so, , I will return with my easel and start painting.

By beginning the process with sketching I can eliminate a lot of the work by only carrying sketch pad & markers. Can't image lugging an easel around all day. Once the sketches are done I can go back to the studio and decide if it's something worth setting up an easel for to do some plein air painting.

About Copic markers - I'm using these because they are offered in a range of values, colors etc. They also have a wide & fine point making it easy to block in large areas of color, composition layout and/or add details. Windsor Newton has a nice line too but feel free to use whatever you like. See image below which illustrates the value of the markers and how useful they are for capturing quick impressions.

DrawingsRobert Joyner