Value And Tone Drawing Mediums


Value And Tone Drawing Mediums

Understand Value and Tone with Drawing Mediums. In this lesson I will illustrate drawing mediums and how they impact your paintings - most importantly the value. This is often overlooked by many artists that incorporate charcoal, graphite, crayon and other drawing mediums with their paintings which is why I created this quick tutorial.

There's no better way to understand how drawing mediums impact the value of your art than simply creating small squares using a variety of colors. This is so important to experiment because you become more aware of how each color will look in terms of value & intensity.

In the illustration I use a variety of pressures to adjust the hue. What I mean by that is by pressing harder into my surface when applying a drawing medium it will increase the intensity of the color. Conversely, by decreasing the pressure into the surface it will make the color subtle as compared to the intense version.

Also note the color in general of a crayon, for example, has it's own value. This value will shift according to the colors around it but the base value, or hue, should always be considered before it'a applied to a painting. Why? Because it will impact the overall Value and Tone harmony.

Value And Tone Drawing Mediums

What You Need To Know

  • You need to know what result you are after before you apply the medium.
  • Are you adding it to a background? If so, maybe try a subtle tone that will create less contrast with the background color.
  • Are you using it for a foreground area? if so, perhaps choose a color with more intensity and contrast. this will add to the overall depth of the painting.
  • If you simply add any color randomly you will suffer the consequences. Believe me it's not a good experience when it's applied poorly and without good value and tone fundamentals.


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