Williamsburg Landscape Painting

colonial williamsburg landscape painting

Williamsburg Landscape Painting Details

This Williamsburg Landscape Painting is inspired from a day trip to beautiful Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. I spent several hours hanging out with family and took as many photos as I could along the way. What intrigued me the most while there, well besides all the great restaurants, were the colonial style homes. The architectural detail was pretty amazing and the homes gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. Like I wanted to sit by the fireplace with a warm cup of coffee and read a novel.

Although the architectural details caught my eye while there they didn't actually make it into the final piece. This happens often. By the time I play with it in the studio for a few days the painting will take on a new meaning. The results will always change depending on mood, energy etc. and how I interpret the subject artistically.This is something I teach at my work-chops - 'Making connections to your subjects'. Understanding that what looks good in real life may not always translate into a great painting. This is often where most artists get lazy and opt for trying to paint exactly what they see. A big 'no-no' in my book.

Anyhow, love the colors, brushwork and many other aspects of this landscape. But it all started that day in Williamsburg when I made that connection visually and that trickled into the studio where I took it to the next level.

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