About Me


Hi There!

Full-time artist and instructor from Carrollton, Virginia. I specialize in blending quality fundamentals with unconventional painting techniques. I have a home studio where all personal art and online courses are filmed/published. When I’m not in the studio you can find me hanging out with my two lovely children and amazing wife.

Career Highlights

2012 – Official Artist of the Kentucky Derby

2013 – Strathmore Online Instructor

2013, 2015, 2017, 2018 – Preferred artist for Carnival Cruise Lines

2013-current – 555 Fahrenheit. custom art for restaurant decor

2016 – National Pastime Baseball Museum commissions

Online Teaching

Painthog – My personal online hub for teaching artists how to paint loose with acrylic, watercolor & mixed media.
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SkillShare – Over 5,800 followers and 25+ online courses. A great site to learn from me and other creatives.
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Watercolor Hub – Currently building Watercolor Hub website which is a free online resource for watercolorists that want access to quality tutorials, product reviews, and tips & tricks for mastering watercolor painting.
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YouTube Channel – I’ve been inconsistent with my Youtube channel in the past but I decided this Summer (2019) to dedicate time to building a loyal following and sharing with others the joy of painting and drawing.
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