In this easy watercolor landscape step-by-step video demonstration I will create a quick and loose depiction of the Three Brothers in Yosemite National Park (USA).  You will learn various watercolor methods and ideas including;

  • Materials - a close look at the materials used in demonstration
  • Creating depth - tips on creating distance and depth
  • Tone and color saturation - ideas on how to use the right value and tone
  • Gradated wash - an easy beginner technique for making more dynamic washes
  • Working with thick pigments - adding details and shape into a wet wash
  • Wet-in-wet & wet-in-dry techniques - various tips for working with basic watercolor methods

Below is a list of materials used in landscape demo

  • Artist grade Holbein watercolor; ultramarine blue, cobalt blue, yellow ochre, new gamboge, alizarin crimson, cadmium red, and neutral tint.
  • Squirrel mop brush #5 & #2
  • Needle brush
  • #12 Kolinsky Optimo
  • #12 pointed round
  • 140 lb. cold press paper
  • Gator board
  • Masking tape
  • Collapsable water reservoir
  • #2 pencil
  • John Pike palette

Want To Know My Watercolor Supplies?

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Three Brothers In Yosemite National Park
Easy watercolor landscape step-by-step video demonstration

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