Expressive Painting Brushwork Technique Video Demonstration

Plus Discover How To Explore Brushes And My Secret To Awesome Coffee.

So, why is it no one loves the fan brush? I know some of you probably own one but do you really use it to its potential?

In this episode of Bacon Bits you will see why I think this brush is underused and neglected by most.

Here's what's included in the video;

  • My Secret To An Amazing Cup Of Coffee
  • The most unloved brush on the planet
  • An exercise that will teach you how to explore the fan brush (it works for any brush)
  • A quick look at the fan brush in action

No Morning Is Complete Without Yummy Coffee

If you are a coffee drinker and love it as much as I do then you should seriously consider the French press. Once you do it's possible you will never go back to the traditional coffee pot.

  • It all starts with quality whole beans
  • Grind it but don't overdo it. Too fine and you will have sludge in the bottom of your cup and that's just yucky.
  • Add grounds to French press
  • Add boiling water
  • Be sure to give it a good stir
  • Put on the press lid but don't press it!
  • Wait 4-5 minutes
  • Press it
  • Pour and enjoy!

So, What's The Most Neglected Brush On The Planet?

The fan brush! And for those that do own one they probably only use it for the obvious and that's just boring. Here's why you should own one and use it on every painting.

  • There are three unique sides that all create their own distinct mark(s).
  • You can paint large areas using the broad side
  • Paint expressive marks with the tip of the bristles
  • Add details and thinner strokes using the sides
  • Not many brushes have this type of flexibility. And it's not uncommon to create entire paintings with only a fan.
Expressive Painting Brushwork Technique Exercises

Check Out What The Fan Brush Can Do

Below is the demo painting where the fan brush was used to its potential. The fan brush is pretty incredible when you think about how versatile it can be.

Check Out What The Fan Brush Can Do!

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