Free Acrylic Painting Tutorials

Below you will discover free acrylic painting video tutorials suited for all levels from beginner to advanced artists. Included are step-by-step video instructions, tips on working with photos, hi-def video, suggested materials, simple & easy to apply techniques for creating dynamic edges, tone and value studies, and much more.

Essential Skills - Applying & Mixing Mediums

Common Mistakes - Avoid Muddy Art

Value & Tone 101 - Basic Fundamentals


Video Demonstrations


More Free Tips - Advanced Skills

Premium & Advanced Classes Available

If you enjoyed the free tutorials please visit my Skillshare classes which include in-depth lessons for intermediate & advanced mixed media techniques. Sign up is very affordable - 99¢ for 30 days and only $10 per month after that. Cancel anytime you like. This gives you access to my classes as well as thousands of other courses by talented instructors.