Tips For Getting Started With Painting Loose

Congrats! You have just discovered an amazing collection of free acrylic painting tutorials suited for all levels from beginner to advanced artists that want to paint loose and expressive art. I know you will love these free art lessons so go ahead and dive in. If you want more free lessons be sure to visit This is where you can become a member and take advantage of free weekly tutorials, challenges and workshops


Acrylic & Mixed Media Supplies - Get To Know The Materials

This is an overview of all the materials I use and why I prefer them over others. Having access to the right materials will help you become a much better mixed media artist.


How to Apply Acrylics And Avoid This Common Mistake

Discover how to apply acrylics and avoid this common mistake. This free acrylic painting lesson will teach you the art of applying acrylics to achieve more fluid strokes.


How to Quickly Improve Your Acrylic Paintings

This lesson will teach you the art of applying acrylics. Yes, there is an art to it and you will gain the valuable knowledge of creating more fluid stroke.


Kickass Way To Spice Up Your Acrylic Paintings

This lesson explores a kick ass way to spice up acrylic paintings. If you want to explore with acrylics this a great method to get the juices flowing.


Basic Acrylic Palette For Beginners

This is a fantastic basic palette for beginners. This will help you get started with color without going overboard. Sometimes a minimalistic palette is the best way to eliminate muddy art.

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