How To Paint Abstract Cows With Acrylic Video Demonstration

How much time do you invest in exploring? If you are like many it's probably none, or very little.

Here's a fantastic lesson where you will learn tips and tricks for how to paint abstract cows. Acrylics are used in the video demonstration along with a selection of common, and not so common, brushes.

Part of infusing abstract qualities into your cow art is understanding how to develop the range of motions for applying loose brushwork. There are many other techniques I could share with you but for now we will focus on brushwork and arbitrary colors. It's a step in the right direction and something you can easily try on your own.

The exercise shared in this tutorial will help you achieve some of the visual and physical acumen needed to loosen up.

Visually you will learn to explore color in a way that allows some freedom. The goal here is to not use the colors you see but instead to choose more irrationally. How have my permission to go for it!

And then there's brushwork. Here you can opt to choose unconventional brushes as well as anything else you can get your hands on to apply paint. Again, think illogically. Push the boundaries of the norm and start to add more creativity to your process.

Here are some key points from the video.

  • Look at the palette for inspiration - not the image. Choose arbitrary colors that excite you.
  • At this stage it’s important to explore with color and brushwork. Go outside the lines and create marks that don't make sense!
  • This is where you discover the unpredictable side of art and start finding freedom.
  • Load up the brush with plenty of paint - don’t be stingy.
  • It’s important to under-paint the sketches, don't create finished art and lower expectations.
  • It’s nice to have these sketches for reference later on, hang them up in your studio.
  • Sketching can expand your creativity is ways you never knew existed. This is where artists are born - don’t underestimate this exercise.


I always get this puzzled look from students when I teach this technique at live workshop events. And I get that! After-all, we are trained from a very early age to color within the lines. Having that attitude resonate in our brain for decades can make an exercise like this seem foolish.

But the students eventually commit to giving it a try. Hours later I start to hear comments like 'wow, that's really growing on me', or 'I didn't realize I could be so loose!', and 'how cool!'.

When we learn something new it rarely makes sense in the moment. Most of the time it seems counterproductive. It's not until later on that lessons start to sink in.

I've had very good lessons slap me in the face a year later, if not more. It's one of those 'aha moments' when your mind and body finally understand what that lesson really meant.

So be patient and work diligently. Try new techniques often and try to avoid feeling disappointed in the results. Understand that there's a regression stage when learning something new and that the time invested will pay off later on.

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