How To Paint Abstract Figures With Acrylic And Collage

Here are some tips on how I like to explore new subjects

Most of my studio time is spent sketching and doodling. It's a mindset that allows me to explore and have fun versus falling into the trap of taking art too serious.

Anyhow, I thought I would share some video footage where I'm experimenting with people in action. It starts with some quick drawing studies which I find is the best way to break the ice with any subject.

Below is a step list that may help guide, or remind, you how to explore with getting overwhelmed

  • Start with some simple sketching with graphite, or charcoal
  • Explore several figures versus focusing on only one
  • When you are comfortable try taking it to the next level with paint, or mixed media if that's your thing
  • Try to eliminate expectations and just have fun
  • Be consistent and know that improvement comes with due diligence

Where to go from here

I've added figures, people and portraits to my priority list. There are subjects that would challenge me and I know my students would love as well. So look for some fun figure courses this Summer at

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How To Paint Abstract Figures With Acrylic And Collage