How to Paint Sunflowers In Acrylic Paint Video Tutorial

Discover easy to apply tips on how to paint sunflowers in acrylic paint.

In this video tutorial artist Robert Joyner will teach you learn the importance of color mock up studies and how they will improve your flower inspired artwork.

It's always a good idea to slow down the creative process once in a while to explore your subject. In this case we focus on sunflowers but the methods shared in this lesson can be applied to any subject.

How this lesson will help your sunflower art

  • The goal with a proper mock-up color study is to discover how the desired palette will work for the final painting.
  • Learn to explore! Don't be consumed with painting finished art all the time. It's important to explore.
  • Obviously taking time to test colors can teach you what works and what doesn't.
  • Benefits such as discovering new combinations, creating good habits for learning and evolving, and taking time to push the boundaries of color.

You see, it's so easy for painting to become a mundane chore if you aren't consistently exploring. I love the idea of routine and use it every day to be more productive. But when we are creating that's the time to throw predictability out the window. If you aren't purposely pushing the limits of what is possible then chances are you are settling for complacency! There's no room for being smug as far as I'm concerned.

Tips for Creating Color Studies

  • Work small, no need to go large for a mock-up.
  • Use practice paper, or inferior art.
  • Create squares below the sketch of base colors.
  • Focus on color! Don't become consumed with anything else.
  • Make notes of anything that may be helpful along the way.
  • Keep palette simple, 5 - 6 colors will do.

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