How To Photograph Fine Art With Digital Camera And Smartphone Video Demo

Tips For Taking Quality Photos With DSLR Or Smartphone.

In this video tutorial you will learn tips on how to photograph fine art using digital camera and smartphone. When you have taken the steps demonstrated in this lesson you will have the knowledge to take your own photos of your art and eliminate common mistakes like photographing indoors and glare.

Below Is A Breakdown Of The Main Tips Shared In The Tutorials

  • Always use outdoor light
  • Pick a sunny day
  • Use a quality camera, or newer smartphone
  • Always use a tripod
  • Easel is recommended but you can also opt to stand art perpendicular to ground (avoid angles)
  • Use gator board, foam core or any other firm surface for a backing
  • Use black crush velvet to absorb glare
  • Always turn your art so that it takes up most of the viewfinder
  • Use factory settings (not manual unless you are professional photographer)
  • Take the largest image possible so you can opt to create prints

Hope you enjoyed the tips and that they help you improve your photo taking process.

Here is a list with purchase links for materials used in this tutorial.

  • Crush Velvet
  • Gator Board
  • Blick Easel
  • Sony a6000 Digital Camera - (I use this for filming tutorials & taking pics)
How To Photograph Fine Art With Digital Camera And Smartphone