How To Protect And Store Fine Artwork Done On Paper

Tips For Storing Artwork To Avoid Damaging

In this tutorial you will learn various tips on how to protect fine artwork done on paper. If you enjoy creating art on paper you know how easy it is to damage it with unnecessary smudging and bending of the edges. Many works have been completely ruined being careless. The methods shared in this video tutorial will solve the common problems.

Here's A Quick Recap Of The Tips Shared In The Video

  • Use a quality shrink wrapper - I’ve had mine for 17 years and no problems
  • Use firm archival backing such as foam core
  • Cut foam core so that there’s a 1/2” border around all sides
  • Shrink plastic wrap starting with back first then the front
  • Store art flat of there’s no charcoal, crayon or other medium
  • Store art upright if it has charcoal, crayon or other medium

If you take the precautionary measures shared in this lesson you will never have to worry about storing your art again. Yes, you will have to make an investment but it's money well spent.

Materials Used In This Demo

Below you will find supplies I use and recommend for protecting your artwork. You have a few options for shrink wrapping.

One option is expensive but will save you a lot of money in the long haul. By purchasing an All-Purpose Shrink Wrapper you get a product that will last a long time (I've had mine since 2001) and the savings will come when you purchase a roll of film.

The less expensive way is to buy the shrink wrap bags without a sealer. It will do a good job of protecting the surface but you will not have the luxury of shrinking the film so the plastic is tight.

  • Handi-Seal All-Purpose Sealer (reliable kit with iron and heat gun)
  • Archival Plastic Wrap/Film 24" (good size if you paint on full sheets)
  • Blick Archival Foam-Core, 25 Lot, 32x40" Sheets (use this for a sturdy backing)
  • Archival Shrink Wrap Bags - Package of 10. 18x24" (use these without needing an expensive shrink wrapper)
  • Logan Classic Mat Cutter - Use this to cut foam core to specific size
  • Mat Cutter Blades - Replacement blades for cutter
How To Protect And Store Fine Artwork Done On Paper