Let's Paint Some Fun Halloween Stuff With Acrylic And Mixed Media

Go Grab Your Brushes And Paint! Join In On The Fun!

In this episode of Bacon Bits we will create some festive halloween art with acrylics, collage, crayon and graphite. And to make it happen I will take you on a quick journey of how to explore a subject before diving into the finished project(s). It's important to make a few connections so that you are pumped up and feeling creative.

Step One: Do Some Quick Drawings

Take five, or ten minutes and doodle with some things that are synonymous with halloween. If you need some inspiration just Google it! This first step is the most important so be sure to invest some energy here. You can have a close look at my sketches below.

Quick Halloween sketches.

Painting And Collaging Pumpkins

For my first project I went with pumpkins. As you will see in the demo I worked spontaneously and didn't have a preconceived technique. The only goal was to work quickly with whatever came to mind. The results aren't always perfect. So when something doesn't work the idea is quickly abandoned. Then I move on to the next idea that comes to mind. It's a fun process that allows one to discover and explore new methods for creating.

Pumpkins with acrylic and collage.

Candy Corn Time!

I'll have to admit candy corn was my least favorite treat. I always tried to trade with my siblings and friends but that rarely worked. But I will say I enjoyed painting them. It's an easy shape to make and has some cool stripes of color.

Candy corn with mixed media.

Last But Not Least; Ghosts

This one seemed boring at first but I actually enjoyed this one the most. The end results are pretty sweet, too. Really glad I decided to give them a try. As you will see in the demo I used some dark hues and glued white collage paper on top. The cuts were rough which allowed room to add some paint to define the shapes.

Spooky ghosts with mixed media.

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