Figure Drawing For Beginners

Learn to draw your own amazing poses and figure artwork! This beginner online course includes a step-by-step approach that will build confidence without getting overwhelmed. If you can draw a circle, square and rectangle then you are more than qualified to take this course.

Course Overview

Section One: Gesture & Structure
These are the ultimate building block for your drawings. Unlike many figure courses gesture is used in a very unique way. Instead of drawing stick figures we will use it to locate and draw the lovey curves that make up the body. Each pose has many gestures and you will quickly discover how to find them.

is used to add volume and depth to each gesture. This makes the gestures more dynamic and allows you to sculpt each area of the body using simple forms and volumes.

Section Two: Body Parts
This is a complete breakdown of the main body parts including the head, neck, ribcage, waist, pelvis, arms, shoulders, legs and feet. You will learn easy ideas for drawing each part using gesture & structure!

Section Three: Proportions
You will learn to develop a general model for understanding the front, back and profile views. Plus we will discuss some key similarities and differences between male and female bodies.

Section Four: Final Assignment
Here you will put your knowledge and skills to the test. There is a practice reel that includes four poses, each one is six minutes long. To make it even better I will complete the same exact practice reel so you have something to compare your work to!

As you can see this is the perfect lesson plan for beginners! It also includes:

Master's analysis
- throughout the course we will look at some of the Master's figure drawings, like Michelangelo, Raphael and more, to see how they used the ideas shared in this course in their work.

Hours Of Demos
- Each lecture is accompanied with a series of demonstrations where I will use images of models to draw the ideas for you. So, you will see how each main idea can be implemented in a variety of situations and poses.

Thanks for taking the time to check out this article. I really hope to connect with you and share many ideas for drawing the human figure. Use the link below to visit the course and discover more details.

Sample demo images