How To Draw Hands

Course Overview

In this class you will discover easy methods for how to draw hands. This class is perfect for all levels as we will start from the very beginning and work our way through each stage adding more and more structure.

To help simplify the drawing process I will share my two main drawing tips: gesture & structure. These are the key drawing tools used for all hand parts.

I've also included how to draw the forearm since it attaches to the wrist and hand. It gives the hand more context and meaning.

The class is broken down into three main sections:

  1. Lecture series: Here is where I will share knowledge for drawing all main components of the hand. Again, starting with the forearm and working through the wrist, base of the hand (palm and back of hand), thumb and fingers. Once the basics are covered I will share some intermediate ideas such as fingernails, knuckles, and the transitions from forearm to wrist, wrist to hand, hand to fingers and so on.
  2. Master's examples: We will look at a series of works by the Master's and see how they may have utilized these ideas in their hand drawings.
  3. Projects: There are two projects that include gesture and gesture & structure. It's in the form of a reel so images are timed. You will be asked to draw a series of gestures to begin. Then in the second assignment you will do both gesture and structure. And....I will end the class by doing the same exact projects as you did. So, you can compare your thoughts and approach to my ideas. A GREAT learning tool!

So, what do you say? Ready to draw some amazing hands? Let's get started!

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