The core of my teaching creed is helping artists develop the right approach.

It really doesn't matter what style you are aiming for because without a successful plan you will fail more often than not.

Having said that my strength as an artist is painting expressively with acrylics, watercolor and mixed media.

With over ten years of experience as a full time artist I've developed the competence needed to both paint successfully and teach others a practical, easy to follow approach.

I enjoy helping artists reach their creative goals. When a new artist purchases a course, or signs up as a member, I'm always thrilled to be a part of their journey.

You have three options for learning online.

Each is slightly different from the other so be sure to read the descriptions.

Option One - Courses

Each course is targeted to address a specific medium, skill and/or subject. Much time has been invested in the planning and development of every lesson so that you get what you need without the unnecessary fluff. Courses can be purchased individually so if you have a specific path in mind you will not have to purchase unnecessary courses.

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Option Two - Memberships

This is the most affordable solution to getting access to all courses. There are two tiers available. One targets beginners (Piglet $5/per month) and the other is basically the kitchen sink ( Wilbur $9/ per month).

The beauty of memberships is you will continue to receive monthly updates so long as your membership is active. New content is always in the works and that means you get a lot of value for your dollars.

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Option Three - Workshops

There are eight workshops every calendar year. Each one has its own objective which makes them ideal for anyone that wants to access a wide variety of topics.

Critiques are included with each workshop which means you get the personalized feedback needed to help you achieve success more quickly.

Note: I highly recommend you purchase the workshop (Porky) membership level if you are interested. It's much cheaper than purchasing a' la carte.

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2019 Winter/Spring Workshop Schedule

Don't take my word for it

A lot of useful information packed into a short class. I have always struggled with composition but I feel much more confident after watching Robert's course. Thank you. - Laurene S.
Robert explains why a color sketch is so important in preparation in the preliminary steps of a painting. Going to apply this exercise to future paintings. He also suggests the need to spend more time playing on paper instead of focussing on a final painting. Learned a lot in this class. Thank you! - Michele H.
Awesome class! I love the concrete examples of how to apply these skills and methods. I'm the type of person who really needs the process of learning and improving to be spelled out to me because it really can be so abstract. thank you!- Jamie C.