Pencil Drawing Techniques Video Tutorial

To improve your paintings you need to develop your pencil drawing techniques - that's a fact!

In this video tutorial you will learn how to break your subjects down into basic geometric shapes. This is a talent that every artist should develop no matter what style or medium you prefer.

The ultimate goal is to simplify your subjects so that the design and composition process becomes easier. Once you start to understand this drawing method it will start to change how you see your subjects.

You see most artists see only the literal object(s). When you look at the inspiration image used in the video it's cluttered with such things like buildings, trucks, pier, water, boats, bushes, trees and so on.

We learn these things as children when we are taught that's what they are! But as an artists this literal thinking is harmful to the creative process.

Instead what you need to learn, and see, is simple shapes. Reduce the literal into rectangles, squares, ovals and the like. That's what you will learn in this free drawing video tutorial. I hope that this enlightens you on some very elementary skills experienced artists possess and use to make creating art easier.

Drawing Video Tutorial Recap

They the following steps demonstrated in the tutorial.

  • Always start with a frame which is basically the edges of your drawing.
  • Take any object from the image and turn it into a geometric shape.
  • It's okay to combine shapes to make an object. This method was used for the building as I combined a square and a triangle.
  • Trucks can become rectangles with perspective. The cab cam be a small rectangle sitting on top.
  • The pier is represented with two thin rectangles.
  • As you become more proficient with this technique you will start to alter how you see your subjects.
  • This shift is part of seeing like an artist.


As the demonstration progresses you will start to see how easy it can be to use these drawing techniques when designing and composing artwork. The final design isn't included in this tutorial. That's because you first need to develop the ability for reducing objects down into simple shapes. That's goal number one!

I'm sure you will agree that the inspiration image is a very complex scene. It would be easy to get sucked into all the details and quickly become overwhelmed. This is the common mistake many artists make. But the smart artists step back and uncomplicated scenery before they attempt to draw them.

Eliminating clutter is often necessary. That's because many details and shapes are not needed as they simply do not enhance the composition. And a kick-ass design is what matters in the end! If you have the ability to create awesome designs your paintings will dramatically improve.

And the best skill you need to achieve this is basic pencil drawing techniques. There are many drawing techniques to learn but when it comes to seeing subjects this is an action that increases the possibility of success.

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Pencil Drawing Techniques Demo Image
Complex Inspiration Image