Step-by-step rural landscape painting video demo with watercolor

If you enjoy painting rural landscape painting with watercolor then you will love this free step-by-step tutorial. It's loaded with great tips on various watercolor methods such as

  • wet-wet washes
  • dry brush
  • calligraphic strokes
  • timing
  • and more

The scene captures a country dwelling that is framed beautifully by distant hills, trees and corn field.

The style is fast and loose which I think is the best approach to watercolor painting. It takes years of practice and experience applying the basic watercolor techniques.

Here are the materials used in this demo

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Paper & Sketchbooks

Holbein Paint



Mijello leak-proof

Water Reservoir

Plastic collapsible water pot

Miscellaneous Supplies

  • Gator-board 16x23 inches (tape watercolor paper to for firm backing)
  • Gator-board 23x31 inches
  • Spray bottle/mister (purchase at target, Michael's)
  • Masking tape (Home Depot)
  • Large Sponge (Home Depot)

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Rural Landscape Painting Tutorial With Watercolor