Time To Paint An Expressive Bird Using Acrylics

It's time to paint some kick-ass art

In this video demonstration I will share tips to paint an expressive bird using acrylics. Well, it's actually an owl to be specific. The free step-by-step tutorial is loaded with carefree, paint-slinging ideas and methods that get away from the more rigid traditional thinking and fundamentals.

What you need to know

However I highly recommend you get to know your subjects before you paint them loosely. And by 'get to know' I mean grab a #2 pencil and paper and start construction your subjects.

Typically I would spend hours drawing the subject as accurately as I can to understand certain aspects of its shape, proportions, features and other details.

Once I know these specific details better I will gradually move into the deconstruction phase. This is where I learn where and how to take liberties and abstract it!

Often times artists get in a hurry and never spend quality time getting to know their subjects. This is a major mistake and usually backfires like all shortcuts in life do.

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Time To Paint An Expressive Bird Using Acrylics