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Neutrals With Watercolors

 Demo Images

Demo Images

14 Day Online Workshop With Two Assignments - Starts June 18th

In this 14 day watercolor workshop you will learn why neutrals are so valuable for your artwork. There are three detailed video tutorials that cover how to create fantastic neutrals that don't look muddy, or too gray.

Many beginner and even advanced artists think they can splash extremely saturated colors on their work and still achieve amazing paintings. This of course is a major fail and will only end with amateurish style art.

You will learn;

  • How to properly mix neutrals that have tone
  • Two methods for mixing neutrals
  • Two approaches to implement neutrals in your work
  • A simple step-by-step demonstration on the impact of neutrals

Who is this workshop for?

Beginner and aspiring artists that want to learn more about neutrals and how to achieve balance with their colors. Watercolorists that tend to create muddy art and want to gain more control over their hues.

What you get?

  • Three detailed video tutorials
  • Two assignments
  • Critique on your results if you submit by deadline
  • Artist gallery for seeing what others are doing

How to purchase?

  • Signup is only $20 for this workshop.
  • Or, you can become a premium painthog member for $39/month and get access to all workshops & courses. Learn more here.

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