Robert Joyner

I create quality paintings that enrich the lives of others.

Hi, I’m Robert Joyner and I love to paint. Workdays start early as I arrive at 6:00 AM to my studio. After a few cups of coffee my enthusiasm and passion to create art start to overflow.

By 6:30 I'm at the easel along with my favorite tools - acrylics, crayons, watercolor paper, a worn paintbrush, and a few bottles of ink. My style has been described as loose, bold and expressive which I tend to agree with.

In addition to creating unique paintings I also teach mixed media art workshops online and in-person.

Bragging Rights

  • Chicago Arlington Horse Race Track
  • Official Artist 2012 Kentucky Derby
  • Carnival Cruise Lines
  • 555 Fahrenheit Restaurants
  • Mixed Media Instructor Strathmore
  • Artwork on sitcom Odd Couple
  • Artwork on set of Tracers
  • Shenton Vineyards Wine Label
  • Polo Resort, Hong Kong